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A must-have safety wear for roofers! Roofing and residential construction sectors know the risk of roof top work environment. It requires special safety measures to prevent from dangerous falls. Choose Steepgear, a safety clothing that grips all type of roofing and provides safety from falls.
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You are doing SERIOUS work.

Be SERIOUS about it.

SteepGear Shorts

SteepGear Pants

SteepGear Gloves


Introducing SteepGear!

We are your number one source for steep slope safety wear. We are dedicated to giving you the confidence to traverse steep surfaces with your safety in mind while focusing on dependability, customer service and safety awareness.

We have come a long way from initial concept.

Safety while inspecting roofs during my work as an insurance adjuster is always on my mind. Walking on roofs no matter what the reason is risky. So many accidents and fatalities have occurred due to falls from roofs, and the fear is never far from my mind.

In fact, my father was a roofer by trade, and his life ended too soon after he slipped and fell from a roof.

Over the years, I realized that even the most experienced adjusters, roofers and craftsmen could become victims of roof related accidents, devastating their lives and the lives of their families forever. I was convinced that some of these tragedies could be minimized or even avoided with the proper safety gear.

I became determined to design a type of safety clothing that anyone could wear-from the roofing professional to the average homeowner putting up Christmas lights. An easy slip over garment such as shorts or pants that would slow down or stop further sliding from a roof when hitting the ground is the only other option.

After years of testing with different prototypes and roofing surfaces, SteepGear has finally become a reality. We have created a rugged line of clothing for all.

This product is designed to be used by anyone that may need to access a roof. Wearing this product along with your other fall protection equipment certainly gives a peace of mind when walking on a roof.

Damon Hawkins

We are SteepGear, we care for your safety.

Roofing and residential construction sectors have a much higher risk of falls from roofs than any other construction sectors. There are elevated risks for insurance adjusters, home inspectors, or anyone that has a need to be on a roof.

The Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR) Data Center study, “Fatal Falls from Roofs Among U.S. Construction Workers”, found that falls from roofs accounted for one-third of construction fatalities from 1992-2009. The findings suggest that workers employed by small establishments and residential construction workers may face disproportionately high risks of roof fatalities.

These findings don’t even consider adjusters, roof inspectors or any other personnel that access several roofs on a daily basis.

Let’s not forget the staggering cost of Workers Compensation claims due to falls from roofs. The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) states that the average Workers Compensation claims costs per fall from roofs is $106,648 for medical and indemnity costs. Using SteepGear could have an impact on insurance costs if we help avoid the falls all together!


of construction related fatalities are caused by falling from roofs, of which 45% are from the edge of the roof.

Learn more about


Learn more about


Fighting Gravity with FrictionTM

This patented product is developed to reduce the sliding risk between the wearer and the steep sloped surface. We have created a rugged line of clothing to simply slip on over existing clothing when faced with a challenging slope.

Whether it’s metal, wood, composition or tile roof material, underlayment, plywood or just about any other surface, this clothing will slow your descent and give you time to regain your balance and footing.

Patent # US D774,279 S
Patent Pending # US 20140283289 A1

Fighting Gravity with FrictionTM

This product is developed to reduce the sliding risk between the wearer and the steep sloped surface. We have created a rugged line of clothing to simply slip on over existing clothing when faced with a challenging slope.

Whether it’s metal, wood, composition or tile roof material, underlayment, plywood or just about any other surface, this clothing will slow your descent and give you time to regain your balance and footing.

Product Features

Our engineers and product designers have worked on several prototypes to ensure a quality product with amazing gripping properties and super strong material to give you peace of mind while on steep surfaces.

Adjustable Size Belt

False Pockets

Rubber Pattern

Elastic Leg Opening

Leg Room Zipper


I should start off by telling you I was skeptical of the idea of the shorts at first. I had something totally different pictured in my mind. I have used them on seven of my high steep roofs in the past week. These shorts stick to the roof so well. I love the cougar paws and shorts combo it makes me feel so much better on some of these sketchy roofs. The zippers on the legs are an awesome idea. This makes them so much easier to slip on and off. I like the belt so it keeps them tight on my waist. The openings on the side for the access to the pants pocket is also a great feature. These have become a go to tool in my bag of gadgets in the truck. I want to thank you for letting me try these out. I would recommend these shorts to anyone who is climbing on roofs for any reason.

Shawn M.


Buy SteepGear Shorts, Pants & Gloves Today!

The tool you can’t LIVE without!TM

SteepGear Shorts

SteepGear Shorts



Designed to help prevent serious injury or even death due to falls from roofs. Choose your waist size for a snug but comfortable fit. We ship anywhere in the USA with options for expedited delivery at an additional charge. Product color is Khaki Tan, additional colors will be available in the future. Choose the original with gripping rubber on front & back or select Rubber Pads on Back ONLY for a cooler and  more lightweight option.

Our initial product release is designed for Emergency Fall Protection. Stay tuned for the introduction of all day wear. Please email us with questions regarding volume discount pricing for your entire workforce safety program!




Weight 2 lbs

Small 25”–30”, Medium 30"-34", Large 34"-39", XLarge 39"-43", XXLarge 43"-48"

Rubber Pads

Rubber Pads on Front & Back, Rubber Pads on Back ONLY

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SteepGear Pants

SteepGear Pants



After years of offering the super popular Roof Safety Shorts that slip over your existing pants, we have listened to our customers and created a clothing line of All Day Roof Pants.

They are rugged, breathable and very professional looking. With 8 pockets and a tool hook, they are equipped to hold all of your basic inspection tools and your cell phone! Made of 65% cotton, 35% Polyester and our Patented Sticky Rubber pattern, the Rip-Stop fabric will hold up to the toughest jobs!

$10 OFF Per Pair of SteepGear Pants When You Order 4 or More

Weight N/A
Pants Size

30×32, 32×32, 34×32, 36×32


Black, Khaki

SteepGear Gloves

SteepGear Gloves



Available in Full Finger style OR Free Finger style (with the thumb and 2 fingers of gloves removed)

Buy a pair of each to mix and match Full Finger on one hand and Free Finger on the other!


Glove Size

X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large

Finger Style

Full Finger, Free Finger

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